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Ness & Moray Yacht Charters

Four large Lochs thread the majestic 60-mile Great Glen with 22 miles of man-made, wide canal to form a superb inland sailing experience crossing the whole of Scotland.

The Caledonian Canal is approximately 97 km in length (60 miles) of which 35 km (22 miles) is wide canal, the remainder being formed by natural fresh water lochs. There are 29 locks and 10 swing bridges along the waterway, all of which are operated for you by local Scottish Canals staff.

The canal is popular with sailors who want to avoid the lengthy passage around Cape Wrath as well as charterers and holidaymakers. It is ideal for yachts and cruisers; in fact, sailing across Loch Ness is more like a short sea crossing than any other canal journey!

If you choose to head east out to the Moray Firth coast you can cruise in the company of the delightful resident dolphins. The east coast of Scotland gets far less rain and better weather than the west (with almost no “midges”, so your evenings, berthed or at anchor, are unspoiled!) and is well-known for its benign, sunny micro-climate.

Our yachts, in experienced hands, are regular visitors to the Orkney Isles, Fair Isle and Shetland – with “day passages” between ports and excellent marinas and harbours overnight.

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